At age 10, I enrolled in my school's band program and began learning to play the snare drum. I continued with the program through high school, playing drums in the concert band, marching band, jazz band, and show choir. During this time, I started my own original rock band and also began teaching myself how to play guitar. Eager to learn more, I took a music theory class at the University of Iowa during my senior year in high school. I started writing songs and recording them on a 4-track cassette recorder. Like most, my first attempts at recording were disappointing. I made some awful recordings, but gained a basic understanding of how multitrack recording works.

During my 20's, I continued to play drums and guitar, branching out into blues, country and ska. A few of the bands I played with recorded albums at professional studios, and those experiences solidified my love of recording. Eventually, I decided to pursue a degree in Music Production and enrolled at McNally Smith School of Music.

After college, I began systematically building a collection of recording equipment with the intention of opening my own studio. I got a few jobs recording my friends' bands, and gained experience as a live sound engineer. Today, I have a very nice assortment of gear, comparable to many professional studios, with one important distinction:

I bring the studio to you.

Having a completely mobile, high quality recording rig allows me to record a band in their natural habitat, whether it be a basement, living room, garage, or whatever. Musicians often give their best performances when they are in their comfort zone, and my approach is decidedly unobtrusive. Most of the folks I've recorded this way have commented on how easy and stress-free the experience was.

Find out just how easy it is to make a recording you can be proud of. Contact me to get started today.